Amber & Zack

I decided to honor the relaunch of my new blog page by sharing this admired wedding. Amber and Zack have been featured in Smitten Magazine and in Exquisite Weddings San Diego. The images, which were beautifully shot by Mason and Megan Photography, have been pinned on Pinterest hundreds of times.

The couple and I worked closely together to achieve a cohesive and polished bespoke look of sophistication. The soft color pallet of blush, ivory, and lots of greenery brought on a timeless elegance.  

So where do I start with so many lovely details from Amber and Zack? Let's start with the word bespoke.

Bespoke is best translated as an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. It may be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual purchaser. The ladies talking in the garden truly capture that meaning for me.

All of my floral designs are inspired by the couples themselves. I draw from their personal style and their dreams. Each wedding is unique and a piece of art with no two ever looking the same.

This lush eucalyptus garland was designed to fit a head table of 24 feet in length! 

Gorgeous garden roses speak for themselves.

Amber and Zack used a few old wooden window panes to create a seating chart for their guests. We enhanced their look with some draping eucalyptus and more of those luxurious garden roses.

When Amber asked me to fill a basket with blush rose petals so she could celebrate with her bridal party, I had no idea this magical scene would unfold! 

The castle at Mount Woodson in Ramona, CA was the perfect back drop for this wedding. Thank you, Amber and Zach, for sharing your day with me!

See more of this cherished wedding here:

Photo credit: Mason and Megan Photography

Venue: Mount Woodson Castle Ramona, CA